When you’re traveling, you can use your Madison County Bank debit card at locations around the U.S. and around the world that accept VISA.  To make sure you have uninterrupted access to your money, we recommend placing a travel notification on your account before you leave for your trip. To place a travel notification, contact Madison County Bank at 1-800-527-1873 and let us know your location and dates of travel.

At Madison County Bank, safeguarding your account is important.  We offer round-the-clock card fraud monitoring to enhance your account security and give you peace of mind.  We also offer debit cards embedded with chip technology, that provide enhanced security and protection when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals.

Through our fraud monitoring, when we see any activity out of your normal purchase pattern or location, that transaction may be blocked.  We currently have a block on some foreign countries and this block may affect your travel.  By contacting us before you travel, we can flag the card to provide uninterrupted use of your card wherever you go.  Your debit card transaction may also be blocked on the Internet if the merchant uses a processor from a foreign country.  If you have attempted a purchase online and it was declined, please contact Madison County Bank at 1-800-527-1873 and we can help you complete the transaction.

Embedded chip technology is soon to be the security standard and as cards are renewed, they will have this embedded chip.  To request a debit card with chip technology before your card expires, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Enjoy your vacation!